July 24: Funeral March & Rally for Brooklyn Healthcare

556993_401828009927073_1877338123_nOn Wednesday, July 24th, doctors, nurses, activists and advocates will march across the Brooklyn Bridge in a funeral procession – to mourn the impending closure of Long Island College Hospital (LICH) and the continued privatization of our healthcare system.
While NYC’s population continues to grow, healthcare resources continue to be concentrated in the wealthy neighborhoods of Manhattan. Meanwhile, hospitals and clinics in Brooklyn that serve working people, immigrants, and people of color are being shut down.
There are more humane ways to balance the budget than closing public hospitals or cutting social services like Medicare and Medicaid. One way to balance New York State’s healthcare budget would be to implement a universal, single-payer healthcare system in New York such as New York Health.

  • Keep LICH open as a full-service hospital
  • Put a moratorium on hospital closings
  • Demand democratic, community input into healthcare planning throughout NYC
Join us, in solidarity, for the Funeral March & Rally for Brooklyn Healthcare.
Wed, July 24th
March and Rally
4pm Assemble @ Cadman Plaza
March across Brooklyn Bridge
5pm Rally @ Foley Square
Come wearing black

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