OCT 2: Rally at Rangel’s: Support A Robin Hood Tax

Robin Hood Tax Rally

11am • Tues, Oct 2nd

Congressman Charles Rangel’s Office
163 W 125th St        (btn 7th & Lenox)

Join us as we rally outside of Congressman Charlie Rangel’s office to demand that he support the Robin Hood Tax. A Robin Hood Tax, would place a .25% tax on Wall Street speculative trading which could generate $350 Billion a year to bolster our economy and fund a universal healthcare system. The Movement is now a Bill in Congress – if you aren’t able to attend the event  contact your representative to demand that they Support the Bill.

This action will be in solidarity with Act Up, Health Gap, Healthcare-Now! NYC, National Nurses United, and VOCAL


S17: All Roads Lead to Wall Street


Keep up on the latest with Text Updates – text @healthcarefor99 to the number 23559

Here is a breakdown of scheduled events:

All Roads Lead to Wall Street

7am – Assemble at convergence points to prepare for actions. Check out the Tactical Map

99% Bloc – Zuccotti Park

Ecology Bloc – South Ferry/Staten Island Terminal

Education Bloc – South Street Seaport

Strike Debt Bloc – 55 Water St/Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza

7:30 am – Actions: The People’s Wall and 99 Revolutions

10am – Storm Wall Street: An ecologically themed convergence for a sustainable future @ Bowling Green

11:15 – Spokescouncil @ Bowling Green

12pm – 5pm – Open Space for assemblies, art making and conversation @ Liberty or Foley Sq

12pm – 1pm – The 99% Returns to Wall Street (assembly by organizational allies) @ Liberty or Foley Sq

2pm – Debt Assembly/Speakout @ South Ferry/Staten Island Terminal

6pm – 8pmPopular Assembly @ Foley Square

Sept 3: Save Downstate Hospital!

Join us at the West Indian Day Parade

Assemble 9:00-10:00 at SUNY Downstate Lefferts Satellite Clinic at the corner of Lefferts & Schenectady

We will be participating in the political section of the parade which begins at approximately 10:30 a.m.

All members, families, and friends are welcome to join us.  Our theme is Saving Jobs at SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

The community says:

Save Downstate Hospital!

For more info:

owshealthcare@gmail.com – owshealthcare.wordpress.com – (646) 926-4499