Friday J29: Nevermind the Mandate, We Need Universal Healthcare


5pm – 6:30 p.m.
@ the closed St. Vincent’s Hospital (West 13th St @ 7th Avenue, Manhattan)

On Thursday, June 28th, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to announce its decision to uphold or strike down all or parts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka “Obamacare.” Experts and the mainstream media are especially concerned with how the court rules on the Insurance Mandate, which will force uninsured people to buy private insurance

Regardless of whether the Supreme Court decides Obama’s Health Insurance Bill and/or the Mandate are constitutional or not, we still will need Universal Healthcare in America.

Even if the ACA is upheld, and despite the best intentions of many advocates to defend it, the law was largely written by Liz Fowler, Vice President of Policy at the nation’s largest and most profitable health insurance company, WellPoint.

The law will deliver 20+ million new customers and $447 billion in taxpayer subsidies directly to the private health insurance companies, but leave at least 23 million uninsured, and millions more under-insured with inadequate health insurance coverage.

The cornerstone of the ACA is the individual mandate. This regressive policy requires that if you are not eligible for a public program (Medicare, Medicaid, the V.A.), you will then be forced to buy private health insurance, or remain uninsured and pay a fine. The 99% will have to pay a much higher percentage of their income than the affluent for their coverage, and older people pay more than younger people. A 43-year-old individual making 34,000 a year will pay $5,204 in premiums and deductibles before the insurance will kick in to only cover 60% of the cost of care.

Healthcare suffers because these companies do not prioritize paying for care, but rather gobble up 30% of our healthcare dollar with shareholder profits, huge CEO salaries, marketing, high overhead and administrative costs (compared to Medicare with administrative costs of only 2%).

Obama’s bill is a tangle of legislative and constitutional contortions aimed at preserving our fragmented and ineffective patchwork of public and private healthcare systems. Why? In order to make the health insurance industry happy. Unsurprisingly, the insurance industry along with the pharmaceutical industries are the biggest spenders in terms of political lobbying.

While Obama’s bill does have some valuable components, there is a much simpler, more effective, and undoubtedly constitutional solution to our healthcare problems. All we need to do expand Medicare to every American regardless of their age. Medicare is one of our nation’s most beloved and effective programs. It is based on a single payer model, which is a proven model for providing universal healthcare implemented in many countries around the world, who get much better care for much less money than we do.

“Single payer” is a simple and proven solution to the two intertwined crises in our current healthcare system: the skyrocketing costs and the fact that millions lack access to care. A single-payer system like Medicare provides everyone with guaranteed, comprehensive healthcare at a much lower cost by eliminating the middleman that currently stands between you and your doctor: the insurance companies.

Under a single-payer plan, doctors and hospitals would be paid for their work by a single tax-supported fund (like Medicare already does for Americans over 65), rather than wasting time and money dealing with hundreds of insurance bureaucracies as they do now in our “multi-payer” system. Instead of the multitude of plans currently available, each with different networks of providers and different services covered, every resident is automatically enrolled in the same comprehensive plan.

In addition, Medicare for All would remove all financial barriers to care. The system would be funded through progressive taxation, which means you only pay a percentage of your income based on what you can afford, unlike the skyrocketing fees charged by private insurers. A single payer system would also eliminate all co-pays and deductibles. Finally, Americans would no longer have to worry about finding “in-network” doctors or being stuck with a bill for healthcare due to an insurance denial.

Healthcare is a human right, not a commodity or a luxury for those who can afford it!

June 28: Save Downstate Hospital!

The community says:

Save Downstate Hospital!

Join Healthcare for the 99% and the Brooklyn Community to Rally and Speak Out!

Governor Cuomo wants to balance the budget by layoffs, hospital closings, and severe pension reductions. The banks got bailed out. We got sold out. Join us to work for better healthcare and more jobs. Reclaim Healthcare for the 99%!

  • When: Thursday, June 28th
  • Time: 11:30am – 1:30pm
  • Where: SUNY Downstate Hospital (Map470 Clarkson Ave, Brooklyn

Subway: Take the 2 or 5 trains to Winthrop St (Exit at Nostrand/Parkside Ave. Cross Nostrand Avenue and walk one block on Parkside Ave until it ends and turn right  onto New York Avenue, walk east one block and make left onto Clarkson Avenue).

Bus: B-12 and northbound B-44 buses stop at the corner of Clarkson and New York Avenues

For more info:

Help us spread the event on Facebook

Help print out and post fliers: – – (646) 926-4499

June 19: Rally Around Robin Hood Tax

Tuesday, June 19th

12n – 1pm
@ JPMorgan Chase Headquarters
270 Park Ave, New York

Speak-Out and Rally for a Robin Hood Tax

Find out more here.

“This small tax of less than ½ of 1% on Wall Street transactions can generate hundreds of billions of dollars each year in the US alone.

Enough to protect American schools, housing, local governments and hospitals. Enough to pay for lifesaving AIDS medicines. Enough to support people and communities around the world – and deal with the climate challenges we’re facing.”

– Robin Hood


Occupy Town Square ImageDate/Time
Sat. Jun 16 2012
12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

@4:00pm Healthcare for the 99% Meeting

Tompkinsville Square
Victory Boulevard and Bay Street
Staten Island, NY 10301
Near Staten Island Ferry Terminal

Healthcare for the 99% plans to join Occupy Staten Island for its first Occupy Town Square.  This important community and movement building event will feature:

Live Music
Public Soapbox
Mutual aid
Walk for Democracy
Radical Walking Tour
“The People’s Voice” Project
Teach-ins on:
-Stop “Stop and Frisk”
-Values Based Consensus
-Toxic Map of SI
-Justice & Democracy!
and much more

Refreshments &
Childcare Provided!

For more information on Occupy Staten Island’s General Assembly:


June 10: Debtors Assembly

Sunday, June 10th

3PM: Debtors Assembly

4PM: Healthcare for the 99% Organizing Meeting

Washington Square Park

This will be the first in a regular series of Debtors Assemblies this summer. We invite you to come and connect with others struggling with debt and debt-related issues. Share your experience, learn about the history of debt and debt struggles, and be part of the making of a Debtors Resistance Movement!