A19: People’s Power Breakfast II

Crain’s New York is holding a $300 a plate healthcare symposium entitled “Reinventing Health Care: The Road To Reform”. The event is sponsored by the health insurance industry and will be yet another instance of members of the 1% strategizing behind closed doors about how to shape our healthcare system.

We can only guess what will be discussed inside: ways to boost profits, hospital closures, contracting out hospital jobs? One thing we can be fairly certain won’t be discussed are ways to actually fix healthcare so that it works in the interest of the 99% of Americans, such as universal single-payer healthcare (aka Medicare for All).

Members of Healthcare for the 99% will be there outside hosting our own People’s Power Breakfast, which will be open to the public and free of charge. Come share your ideas for “Reinventing Healthcare”!

WHAT: People’s Power Breakfast II

WHEN: Thursday April 19th, 8AM 

WHERE: Essex House, 160 Central Park South (near Columbus Circle)

Come dressed as a billionaire to gloat over our fabulous future healthcare profits or come as you are and help to shout down the billionaires!

Please join us if you can!


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