M1: A Day Without the 99%!

Join Healthcare for the 99% on May Day!

A Day without the 99%!

A Community without a Hospital!

A Day Without the 99%!

Tuesday, May 1

2 PM to 3:30 PM Picket, Speak Out, and “Die In” at St Vincent’s Hospital slated to be turned into luxury condos leaving the lower West Side of Manhattan without a hospital. Meet at the O’Toole Building, 30 Seventh Avenue (between 12th Street and 13th Street)

3:30pm – March to Union Square for Unity Rally

5:30pm – Solidarity march to Wall Street

Healthcare workers should wear their scrubs and white coats. All are encouraged to dress as patients — e.g. with bandages, crutches, etc. Or come as you are.

For more info, email us at owshealthcare@gmail.com


A19: People’s Power Breakfast II

Crain’s New York is holding a $300 a plate healthcare symposium entitled “Reinventing Health Care: The Road To Reform”. The event is sponsored by the health insurance industry and will be yet another instance of members of the 1% strategizing behind closed doors about how to shape our healthcare system.

We can only guess what will be discussed inside: ways to boost profits, hospital closures, contracting out hospital jobs? One thing we can be fairly certain won’t be discussed are ways to actually fix healthcare so that it works in the interest of the 99% of Americans, such as universal single-payer healthcare (aka Medicare for All).

Members of Healthcare for the 99% will be there outside hosting our own People’s Power Breakfast, which will be open to the public and free of charge. Come share your ideas for “Reinventing Healthcare”!

WHAT: People’s Power Breakfast II

WHEN: Thursday April 19th, 8AM 

WHERE: Essex House, 160 Central Park South (near Columbus Circle)

Come dressed as a billionaire to gloat over our fabulous future healthcare profits or come as you are and help to shout down the billionaires!

Please join us if you can!


Join Healthcare for the 99% for ACT UP/NY’s 25th Anniversary Action


  • April 25, 2012
  • 11am
  • Gather at City Hall (Broadway and Murray Street)
  • March to Wall Street



THE TAX: A financial transaction tax (FTT) is a sales tax on trades of stocks, bonds and currencies. A tiny tax of less than half a percent could raise $400 Billion dollars worldwide. This tax would not effect small investors with mutual funds, it would only target the large financial firms who crashed the economy.

THE SCIENCE: New evidence shows early HIV treatment can reduce HIV transmission by 96%.

THE REALITY: In the U.S. almost 4,000 people who qualify for federal ADAP assistance to pay for HIV treatment are still on waiting lists. Worldwide only 44% of people with HIV have access to antiviral drugs, leaving 8 million without treatment. Citing the global economic crisis, the US has decreased our funding to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria, just when the world needs it most.

WHAT’S AT STAKE: AIDS has already claimed over 30 million lives. ACT UP, Healthcare for the 99% and others are calling for an FTT to help raise the money needed to close the gap in access to life-saving HIV treatment, and to END THE AIDS CRISIS.

The FTT demonstration is linked to a global Robin Hood Tax campaign to fund global health, global public goods, jobs, and fight climate change.

More info: 212-966-4873 | www.actupny.com | info@actupny.com

Facebook ACT UP NY Page | www.facebook.com/actupny

Twitter: @actupny | #taxwallst | #endaids

A14: Spring Awakening

Healthcare for the 99% will be joining the Spring Awakening 2012: Occupy New York City People’s Assembly

Schedule of Events

For Text Alerts and Updates: Text “@SpringAwakening2012″ to 23559

When: April 14th, 2012 (#A14), 1pm

Where: Central Park South, 6th Ave entrance, on the west side of Wollman Rink

Our weekly meeting will be held at 4pm after the General Assembly at the Spring Awakening.

Join Occupy Wall Street on #A14 to kick off exciting spring and summer events. On April 14th, New York City will converge on Central Park to unite organizations, activists, and others to create a transformative, citywide, mass movement. The day will include Occupy style open space with tabling, teach-ins, food, music, and more! It will also include a structured assembly for organizers from various organizations across the city to network and coordinate. This will be a day to revitalize, strategize, and kick-off the spring with a major focus on openness to new-comers, invigorating local GAs, further developing inter-organizational relationships, celebrating, and together building power for the spring, summer, and beyond.

Schedule of Events

The event will officially begin at 1pm with an open space format perhaps quite similar to recent Town Square events. Organizations and groups are invited to set-up tables (or blankets), soap boxing, teach-ins, and music will be afoot; neighborhoods may elect to represent themselves talking about their work, recruiting new persons into their GA’s, etc. There will be autonomous events, and a massive calendar, which can be added to by everyone to display all that will be happening in the coming months. This will be fairly free-form: ad hoc connection-making and a space for new people to be easily drawn in.

While the open space continues, at 3pm, a facilitated assembly will convene for those interested in serious citywide organizing and interactive movement building. This will not be a decision-making body. It will open with several short, rallying speeches and followed by discussion and planning of strategic vision for the next 3-6 months. Finally, concluding with another round of short, inspirational speeches and, no doubt, dancing into the night.

Members from the following groups attended planning meetings: Women Occupying Wall Street (WOW), Direct Action Working Group (DAWG), Facilitation, OWS Immigrant Worker Justice, Outreach, Empowerment and Education, Occupy Brooklyn, New York Katrina Survivors Coalition, OWS Arts and Culture, Occupy Sunset Park, Occupy DOE, Occupy Sotheby’s, Occupy Wall St., Occupy the Empty Space, People of Color Caucus, UWA, West Harlem 99 Percent, OWS Info, Think Tank, UnitedNY, Occupy Town Square, Occupy the Bronx, Occupy Williamsburg, the People’s Puppets, Occupy Queens, Occupy Astoria, Movement Building, Community Voices Heard, NY Communities for Change, SEIU, Working Families Party, Visions & Goals, Occupy Broadway, Occupy Staten Island, Ant-Racist Allies, Parents Support OWS, Occupation 4 Organization, Green Party, Occupy Museum, Labor Outreach , InfoHub, and others …


A10: Social Media Training

You know you’ve wanted to tweet, blog and tumble all your life, now you can!

Please join us for a social media training (blogging, iPhone/Mac apps (tumblr, Twitter, CNN iReport, FB, etc.), YouTube/DailyMotion, digg, Twitter, FB). One our most inspiring leaders, Louis Flores has prepared and will deliver this training session so that we can use social media effectively to get our message out there.

  • Date: Tuesday April 10th
  • Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm
  • Location: 220 Fifth Avenue at 26th St
  • 5th floor conference room
  • Note: Contact us to RSVP
NOTE: we are NOT having our regular sunday meeting today 4/8, but we will meet briefly at 7:30pm on Tuesday after the training to attend to any urgent business. 

There will be WiFi capabilities so please bring your laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc If you plan on attending, please download the following suggested apps in advance.

 – Facebook
– CNN app for iPhone
– Twitter
– Tumblr

TODAY: Community Meeting Re: Interfaith Hospital’s Closing

Mr. Robert Hunter will be holding a meeting on the community response to Interfaith Hospital’s potential merger/closing.  The meeting was called for at last week’s Community Board 3 meeting.  This will NOT be a CB3 meeting, but a community meeting of independent actors.

Today, Mon 4/9/12: 6pm SHARP
Stuyvesant Heights Christian Church
69 Macdonough St, Brooklyn, NY 11216
(718) 783-5383

The meeting will last exactly 1 hour.  The purpose of the meeting is to establish a basic direction for the resistance in the neighborhood, and to initiate the petition drive.