LeftForum Healthcare Panels – Sat. 3/17

Saturday, March 17, 2012 • noon – 1:50 pm and 3 pm – 4:50 pm

Where Is the Health Care Justice Movement Going?

Left Forum 2012 poster

One Pace Plaza in downtown Manhattan
across the street (to the East) from City Hall

PART I: Single Payer Health Insurance
Saturday, March 17 12pm to 1:50pm
Chair: Martha Livingston, PhD
Panelists: Oliver Fein, MD
Katie Robbins
Leonard Rodberg, PhD
Josh Starcher

PART II: Healthcare for the 99% 
Saturday, March 17 3pm to 4:50pm
Chair: Mary O’Brien, MD
Panelists: Maria Fehlig, RN
Adam Gaffney, MD
Meir Hamilton
Danny Lugassy, MD
Beth Oram, RN, NP
Amit Patel, MD, MPH
James Ronayne

Healthcare justice activists have worked for many years toward a national health insurance (single payer) solution to the U.S.’s corporate, for-profit health care mess. We continue in this struggle, which we will report on in the first of two sessions to discuss state and local organizing. Part II will be a discussion of our work in Healthcare for the 99%. In both sessions there will be a focus on discussion and strategizing. Both sessions will feature organizers from Healthcare for the 99%

Limited supply of complimentary tickets available for medical students and residents. These tickets will allow access to these two and all other panels over the weekend-long Left Forum. Contact sam@pnhpnymetro.org


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