Never Mind the Mandate: We Need Medicare for All!

As the Supreme Court debates the constitutionality of Affordable Care Act, join us for a public speak-out about the advantages of Medicare-for-All, an unquestionably better and constitutional way to solve our healthcare crisis.

Where: Union Square (the 14th St steps)
When: Wednesday March 28th at 10AM

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Our goal is not to address the constitutionality of the individual mandate or the other aspects of the ACA, but to inform the public that an unquestionably constitutional and unquestionably better option exists: Medicare-for-All (aka Single-Payer).


This coming week, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the constitutionality of the individual mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or “Obamacare,” in late March. Even with the mandate, the ACA:

  • Leaves at least 27 million people uninsured
  • Leads to millions more under-insured
  • Allows medical bills to put more people into bankruptcy (already the leading cause)
  • Fails to reduce healthcare costs
  • Forces consumers to bail out the multimillion dollar for-profit insurance industry (which has already spent millions successfully lobbying Congress to weaken many of the most vital patient protection aspects of the law)

Since the ACA is clearly a flawed law, let’s focus on expanding and improving what we already know works: Medicare.

This event is planned in solidarity with Heathcare-Now! NYC.

Email Congress and the President by going to Healthcare-NOW!’s website.


Brooklyn Hospital Crisis: Healthcare for the 1% or the 99%?

  • What: Brooklyn Hospital Crisis: Healthcare for the 1% or the 99%? Teach-in / Speak-out
  • When: Sun. Mar. 25 at 2pm
  • Where: Occupy Town Square IV in Fort Greene Park 
  • Transit: A,C,F trains to Jay St./Metro Tech; or Q,R to DeKalb Ave.
  • Note: our regularly-scheduled sunday meeting will take place in Fort Greene Park at 4pm instead of at the Atrium.

Over the last decade, hospitals have closed across New York City in Harlem, Greenwich Village, Queens. Northern and central Brooklyn are next on the list.  The hospitals being closed are in medically-underserved areas where immigrants and people of color live and work – the ones that serve many patients on public programs or have no insurance. At the same time, well-off neighborhoods have an oversupply of hospitals that monopolize scarce resources.  Why is Stephen Berger, a Wall Street Banker restructuring health care in Brooklyn?  Why are the people of Brooklyn being left in the dark?

LeftForum Healthcare Panels – Sat. 3/17

Saturday, March 17, 2012 • noon – 1:50 pm and 3 pm – 4:50 pm

Where Is the Health Care Justice Movement Going?

Left Forum 2012 poster

One Pace Plaza in downtown Manhattan
across the street (to the East) from City Hall

PART I: Single Payer Health Insurance
Saturday, March 17 12pm to 1:50pm
Chair: Martha Livingston, PhD
Panelists: Oliver Fein, MD
Katie Robbins
Leonard Rodberg, PhD
Josh Starcher

PART II: Healthcare for the 99% 
Saturday, March 17 3pm to 4:50pm
Chair: Mary O’Brien, MD
Panelists: Maria Fehlig, RN
Adam Gaffney, MD
Meir Hamilton
Danny Lugassy, MD
Beth Oram, RN, NP
Amit Patel, MD, MPH
James Ronayne

Healthcare justice activists have worked for many years toward a national health insurance (single payer) solution to the U.S.’s corporate, for-profit health care mess. We continue in this struggle, which we will report on in the first of two sessions to discuss state and local organizing. Part II will be a discussion of our work in Healthcare for the 99%. In both sessions there will be a focus on discussion and strategizing. Both sessions will feature organizers from Healthcare for the 99%

Limited supply of complimentary tickets available for medical students and residents. These tickets will allow access to these two and all other panels over the weekend-long Left Forum. Contact

Last Hearing on St. Vincent’s Hospital Being Turned into Luxury Condos

On Tuesday, The New York City Council Zoning and Franchises Subcommittee will be holding what is the last public hearing, where you can testify against billionaire Bill Rudin’s plan to turn St. Vincent’s Hospital into luxury condos.

  • When: Tuesday March 6th
  • Time:  8AM to 11AM
  • Place : 250 Broadway, 16th Floor Committee Room
  • Photo ID is needed to enter. 
  • In the meantime, please CONTACT PUBLIC OFFICIALS

THESE ARE THE BASIC FACTS: (click here to watch St. Vincent’s Hospital: Timeline of a Crime)

There is no hospital on the ever expanding west side of Manhattan from the Battery Park to 59th Street. Our lives as residents, workers, students and tourists are increasingly at risk. Minutes matter, life and death or disability are determined by the travel time to an east side facility. There is no facility for pediatric emergencies.
The substitution of an experimental 2-bed stand-alone-emergency room and a tiny triangular sod of green cannot and should not be considered an appropriate land use swap when compared to the magnitude of the loss of the public’s access to timely and appropriate health care services. These are significant public health needs that cannot and should not be ignored. Who speaks for the people in this situation?

The proposed rezoning basically hands most of the special zoning considerations from St. Vincent’s Hospital, which was granted them to build larger new hospital facilities, to Rudin, to build luxury condos. This is not acceptable for this site, and this is not acceptable for anywhere in Greenwich Village. Special zoning considerations granted to institutions which serve a legitimate public purpose should not be handed off to private developers when that institution ceases to exist. We need a hospital.