We Need Hospitals, Not Condos

Healthcare for the 99% and The Coalition For a New Village Hospital
Thursday, February 9, 10:00 am
Across the Street from 250 Broadway, Near City Hall Park 

Luxury Condos for the 1% or a Hospital for the 99%? The entire west side of Manhattan below 57th Street now faces a public health and safety emergency. There are now no hospital beds and none planned in the future. Join Occupy Wall Street health care activists and Village residents and their supporters to deliver over 20,000 petition signatures and send a message to the City Council: Stop elitist real estate development and begin working to meet the needs of our community. 

Why is Occupy taking action on the St. Vincent’s issue?  Mayor BloombergCity Council Speaker Quinn, and key state legislators sat silently by while this hospital closed two years ago.  They now silently approve of the real estate development plans of their 1% friends who are building luxury condos in former hospital buildings. However, This isn’t just a story of one hospital, what happened to St. Vincent’s, but about systematic hospital closures throughout the city.    

Thursday, please come out and show your support for our right to accessible medical services in our communities across our city.  Bring signs, and let your voice be heard.

One thought on “We Need Hospitals, Not Condos

  1. Why Are They Closing St. Vincent’s Hospital? (Pt. 29) – March Against the Health Insurance Industry (Excerpt)


    10/26/11 – The Hedz-Up Report covers Occupy Wall Street’s, Healthcare for the 99%, as they lead a “March Against the Health Insurance Industry.” Coverage picks up at final destination, St. Vincent’s Hospital, as local activists from the Coalition for a New Village Hospital and Hands Off St. Vincents!, prepare to greet the marchers and conduct a teach-in.

    Real estate developer Bill Rudin, has purchased the hospital property for approximately $260 million and has announced plans to build luxury condominiums. Also planned is an “urgent care center,” which activists argue will leave the area without an adequately equipped full-fledged hospital.

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