Occupy Town Square Speak-Out Sunday at 1pm

We are planning to have a full Healthcare for 99% Teach-in/Speak-out at this Sunday’s big OWS event “Occupy Town Square” in Washington Square Park at 1:00pm. Come join us! Wear white coats and scrubs if you have them. After, we will convene at 60 Wall St for our regularly scheduled 4pm meeting

Here is info from the organizers of the larger event:

Occupy Wall Street is four months old. We don’t live in a park anymore, but we’re still here, and we’re still fighting for economic justice. Now, OWS is coming to a neighborhood near you. Over the next few months, mobile, daytime occupations, called Occupy Town Squares, will be held in parks and other public spaces, indoor and outdoor, around New York City. For a few hours a week, these events will recreate the essence of the Zuccotti Park Occupation. There will be info tables, teach-ins, trainings, and political discussions.

Whether you consider yourself a supporter of the movement or not, we want to meet you: come share your ideas and stories, learn about the movement, argue with us, debate with us, collaborate with us. If you’re already active in OWS, this is a chance to exchange information, to coordinate between working groups, and to get to know our brothers and sisters in the movement.

Facebook Event Page
Twitter: @occupytownsq
Hashtag: #occupytownsq


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