Tues, Dec 20th: Join Nurses Fight vs Wall Street

Where: Cerberus Headquarters, 299 Park Avenue New York, NY10171

When: Tuesday, Dec 20th

Time: 12:30pm until 1:30pm

Join nurses in their December 20 protest against Wall Street giant Cerberus/Steward Health Care.

Join the RNs from National Nurses United and the Massachusetts Nurses Association as they fight for their patients against Cerberus/Steward, a colossal Wall Street finance company that has gobbled up nearly a dozen health care facilities in Massachusetts.

Cerberus’ recent foray into the health care sector is reading like a hospital-based version of the banking/housing collapse of 2008 — a disaster Main Street America is still reeling from. But nurses will fight to make sure that Cerberus does NOT do the same to the health care sector.

It is no coincidence that Cerberus’ company name has its roots in Greek mythology, where a Cerberus is the three-headed dog guarding the gates of hell. Since Cerberus took over nearly a dozen Massachusetts-based hospitals last year, RNs and health care professionals have been living in health care hell.

In fact, Cerberus:

* Makes daily threats to close hospitals and services
* Refuses to honor its signed contracts
* Targets and fires nurses who advocate for patients
* Fails to provide the most basic supplies to patients in an effort to cut costs
* Engages in a variety of anti-union attacks against nurses

Stand with the RNs of Main Street in their fight against the greed
of Wall Street!


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