Dr. Steve Auerbach Visits Occupy Chapel Hill.

Occupy welcomes physician sharing vision for single-payer health system
By Zack Rubin | The Daily Tar Heel Updated: 12/05/11 11:59pm

Dr. Steve Auerbach has shared his vision for a single-payer health system with Occupy movements nationwide, and on Friday he brought it to Chapel Hill.

Auerbach, a pediatrician and a leader of the advocacy group Physicians for a National Health Program, pointed at a handwritten sign reading “Corporate greed makes us sick” while speaking to a crowd in Alumni Hall.

“It’s not a moral statement, it’s a matter of fact,” he said.

After his speech at the University, Auerbach and a crowd moved on to Peace and Justice Plaza outside the town’s courthouse to continue the discussion.

Auerbach’s speeches were part of a series of “teach-ins” being held across the country by “Health care for the 99 percent,” a branch of the Occupy Wall Street movement. He also spoke Saturday in Durham and Greensboro. Read More


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