On Christmas Eve, an ad hoc group of community activists will be standing outside the former Emergency Room of St. Vincent’s Hospital, singing Christmas Carols and distributing Band-Aids.

START:            Saturday, December 24, 2011, 7:00 p.m.
END :             Sunday, December 25, 2011, 7:00 a.m.
PLACE :            St. Vincent’s Hospital, Seventh Avenue South and West 11th Street

Activists will sing Christmas Carols to celebrate the charitable role of St. Vincent’s in New York City history — for caring for lives during the cholera epidemic of 1849, the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, the AIDS crisis during the 1980’s, the September 11 attacks, and the Hudson River landing of a jet airplane in 2009.

Activists will also hand out Band-Aid bandages as a symbol of the “Band-Aid approach” to public health as a result of the inferior North Shore-LIJ/Lenox Hill urgent care center, which is being pushed onto the community by politicians, lobbyists, and Bill Rudin.

Some activists will spend the night outside in sleeping bags on the frigid sidewalk, to demonstrate how patients are being “left out in the cold” in the new “Pottersville” trend in HEALTHCARE in New York State.

In the short term, activists want to force civic leaders, such as billionaire Bill Rudin of the Rudin Management Company, to take the lead in building a Level 1 Trauma Center and full-service hospital to replace St. Vincent’s.

In the long term, activists demand a single-payer healthcare system in New York State to put an end to the constant healthcare cuts, layoffs, hospital closings, and corruption that is endemic in the state’s broken healthcare system.  Just this year alone, witness the bribery cases against MediSys chief executive David P. Rosen and New York State Senator Carl Kruger, each of whom were involved in hospital-related corruption.

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Nurses Rally Against Cerberus Capital Fund

Read coverage of the National Nurses Union rally yesterday to protest the way investment firms like Cerberus are ruining patient care in order to boost profits. Healthcare for the 99% also turned out to support the rally.



Tues, Dec 20th: Join Nurses Fight vs Wall Street

Where: Cerberus Headquarters, 299 Park Avenue New York, NY10171

When: Tuesday, Dec 20th

Time: 12:30pm until 1:30pm

Join nurses in their December 20 protest against Wall Street giant Cerberus/Steward Health Care.

Join the RNs from National Nurses United and the Massachusetts Nurses Association as they fight for their patients against Cerberus/Steward, a colossal Wall Street finance company that has gobbled up nearly a dozen health care facilities in Massachusetts.

Cerberus’ recent foray into the health care sector is reading like a hospital-based version of the banking/housing collapse of 2008 — a disaster Main Street America is still reeling from. But nurses will fight to make sure that Cerberus does NOT do the same to the health care sector.

It is no coincidence that Cerberus’ company name has its roots in Greek mythology, where a Cerberus is the three-headed dog guarding the gates of hell. Since Cerberus took over nearly a dozen Massachusetts-based hospitals last year, RNs and health care professionals have been living in health care hell.

In fact, Cerberus:

* Makes daily threats to close hospitals and services
* Refuses to honor its signed contracts
* Targets and fires nurses who advocate for patients
* Fails to provide the most basic supplies to patients in an effort to cut costs
* Engages in a variety of anti-union attacks against nurses

Stand with the RNs of Main Street in their fight against the greed
of Wall Street!

Rev. Jesse Jackson Attends Healthcare for the 99% Meeting

The Rev. Jesse Jackson attends an #OccupyWallStreet meeting of the Healthcare for the 99% working group at Liberty Square (a/k/a Zuccotti Park) in New York City on December 4, 2011. Read more.

Also, read the op-ed he published in the Chicago Sun-Times the next day entitled, “Cost of broken health care system is killing us.”

Dr. Steve Auerbach Visits Occupy Chapel Hill.

Occupy welcomes physician sharing vision for single-payer health system
By Zack Rubin | The Daily Tar Heel Updated: 12/05/11 11:59pm

Dr. Steve Auerbach has shared his vision for a single-payer health system with Occupy movements nationwide, and on Friday he brought it to Chapel Hill.

Auerbach, a pediatrician and a leader of the advocacy group Physicians for a National Health Program, pointed at a handwritten sign reading “Corporate greed makes us sick” while speaking to a crowd in Alumni Hall.

“It’s not a moral statement, it’s a matter of fact,” he said.

After his speech at the University, Auerbach and a crowd moved on to Peace and Justice Plaza outside the town’s courthouse to continue the discussion.

Auerbach’s speeches were part of a series of “teach-ins” being held across the country by “Health care for the 99 percent,” a branch of the Occupy Wall Street movement. He also spoke Saturday in Durham and Greensboro. Read More

March For Health Access

On December 4th, health professional students, healers, patients, and all those who believe healthcare is a human right will come together in New York City and at Occupations around the nation to join in solidarity with the 99%. We will raise our voices to advocate for health – both universal access to healthcare and eliminating the social disparities that affect health. We invite you to join us in pushing for a just and equitable society that provides for the fundamental rights of every member of that society.

Sunday, December 4th

11am: Rally begins in Louise Nevelson Plaza (Pine St and William St)

12pm: March to Liberty Plaza via City Hall and the NYC Department of Health

1pm: All invited to Speak Out at Liberty­­ Plaza

2:30pm: Healthcare for the 99% Meeting at Liberty Plaza (under the big red sticks)