Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 20th at 6pm – Support the community trying to save St Vincent’s Hospital! Thursday night is the full board meeting to decide on the fate of the St Vincent’s hospital location. People should be there at 6:00 pm so they can sign up to speak! Thursday, 6:00 (Address: P.S. 130, 143 Baxter Street, Auditorium)

Friday, October 21st 3:30pm, March on Verizon in solidarity with CWA and OWS! A group will meet at ZPark at 3:30 and will march to Verizon HQ at 140 West Street at 4pm to rally.

Sunday, October 23rd at 4pm, Healthcare Teach-IN / Speak-OUT at ZPARKBring your white coats and signs! Check out this powerful video from last week’s speak out at Washington Sq Park. Stay for our usual 5:30pm planning meeting right after

Wednesday, October 26th: Get Wall Street out of Healthcare!! Speakout and March Against the Health Insurance Industry! (This action is supported by OWS Direct Action committee.)  


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